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How Can I Start Freelancing (in 7 steps)?

Freelancing is a trending subject now. It is a good way to earn money. The freelancing profession is a good profession to work with foreign people. Freelancing is a free profession. You can do work as your wish.
If you have internet-based work skills, You can do Freelancing. It is the best option to earn dollars from work at home. If you want to work at home, you can do this freelancing work. A freelance salary is a standard salary. Now I will describe, How you can start freelancing? or how to become a freelancer.

1. Choose a Skill:

If you want to start freelancing, first you need to choose a category for development skills on your category. Many more categories are available for starting freelancing. But you need to choose which subject is preferable for you. Which subject do you like to build up your career?
More work categories are:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Copy Writing, etc.

You can choose anyone from here. When you will choose a subject, You can research all subjects/categories perfectly before choosing a category for development skills. You can search on Google and YouTube and you can do a search locally in various freelancing institutes. Then will be capable to select a category for starting freelancing. This is the first step for starting freelancing.

2. Learn Your Chosen Skill:

After choosing a category/skill, you need to learn this category and develop your skill perfectly. Without learning your skill, you can’t do any work and you can’t do freelancing. So you need to develop your skill perfectly.
You can learn or develop your skill from various institutes or online. A lot of free tools and free platforms are available on the internet for developing/learning your skill. But if you want to learn from the internet, you don’t get the right guideline. So you can’t reach your goal.
My suggestion is you should admit to an institute for learning/developing your skills. There you will get the right guideline to learn perfectly. If you will face any problem during learning, then you will get support from that institute. It will be easy to go to your right goal. This is an important step for starting freelancing. If you are skillful people will not get the job from marketplaces. Then you will be a failure. So before start freelancing you need to develop a skill properly.

3. Be an Expert in Your Skill:

You should be an expert in your skill. Everybody wants to hire expert people and they want to do their work perfectly. So without an expert in your skill, you will not get a job and you can’t do freelancing, you will be a failure.
Expert people are available for doing freelancing work. If you want to build up your career as a freelancer, you need to be an expert on your skill. If you will be an expert on your skill, you can do the job perfectly and your client will give you more work and the clients will give extra tips. Or if you are not an expert on your skill, you can’t do your job properly and your clients will not be satisfied and they will give negative feedback and your freelance profile will be down. Profile down is very bad for a freelancer.
So before starting freelancing, You need to be an expert in your skill. Then you will be successful in your freelancing career.

4. Make Some Portfolio:

This step is very important for doing a freelance job. Without a portfolio, your clients will not believe that you are an expert person for doing their job.
When you will develop a skill, then you will do some portfolio. It will be very helpful for getting the job.
During getting the job, Your clients will ask you about your portfolio. If you will see his portfolio. Then your clients will believe you and they will hire you. After developing a skill, It is the second requirement of getting a job. So portfolio is most important for starting freelancing. You need to make a portfolio for seeing your clients. then your clients will hire you and you will be successful in your career.

5. Open Account in Freelance Marketplaces:

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When you will think you developed a skill and you are an expert on your skill. Then you can open an account in various marketplaces for starting freelancing. After expertise in a fixed subject, then you need to try for doing the job. That’s why you should search the various freelance marketplace and open an account in various marketplace on your skill.
After opening an account, you need to showcase your services so that the clients can see your services and they can trust you. then the clients will communicate with you about the projects and finally, they hire you for doing their projects.
Before opening an account, You need to ready some portfolio and showcase the portfolio that’s work you can do. When you will open an account in a marketplace, you need to know the all rules and regulations about that marketplace. Must be you will agree to the rule of the marketplace and you need to manage your profile as per their rules and regulation.

6. Find a First Job:

After, Developing skills and opening an account in various marketplaces, You need to try for getting a job. This is a challenge for getting your first job. When you will get your first job, you will pass one step in your freelancing career. It is very hard and challenging for getting the first job in the freelance marketplace.
For getting your first job, you need to try hard. You should bid on the client’s job post and communicate with the clients properly. When they will be satisfied after talking with you and seeing your portfolio then they will hire you for their work. By this method, the clients will hire you for their work. If you can manage your client and show the portfolio, they will hire you. So you should try to hard for getting your first job. If you will get your first job, it will be easy to succeed in your freelancing career.

7. Delivery Order/Make Money:

Finally, when you will be done with your projects, you should discuss with your clients. If he needs any revision for his work, then you will recheck the project. When your clients will say your work is perfect, then you can deliver your projects. After delivery of the projects, the client will give your full payment.
Hurrah, finally you earn money by freelancing. When you will deliver your project that time you will want a positive review from your clients. If you have some positive reviews in your account. It will help to you for getting more jobs with positive reviews.

Finally, I can say if you agree to start freelancing, you can follow these steps to becoming a successful freelancer.

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